Top 2014 SMS Tracker Apps

​You want to find a good SMS tracker app to protect your children and loved ones, but there is just so much different and contradictory information out there.

Before you select an SMS Tracker,  you should know what it can do and the way it works on a target cell phone. Our experts provide you with quality reviews of  mobile phone tracking applications, so that you can make the best choice.

You should know that there are many fake review sites, trying to mislead customers by posting unreliable and sometimes plainly false information.  Our mission is to give you the best information possible. We'd really appreciate if you posted in the comments your stories about encountering this kind misleading reviews, so we could warn the public.

We also ask for your feedback about your usage of cell phone SMS tracker apps, so that we can improve our ratings. These things are constantly changing!

FlexiSPY product box

​1 FlexiSPY - 10/10

FlexiSPY SMS tracker is by far the most accomplished tracking app on the market right now. FlexiSPY boasts support for more than 13 different messaging apps, including the popular WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Viber.

FlexiSPY Premium includes the most accomplished SMS tracker capabilities on the market, while FlexiSPY Premium adds powerful exclusive call recording and interception functions.

mSpy product box

2 mSpy - 9/10

mSpy is the bestselling SMS tracker app with rich capabilities. With more than one million users, it is a great choice for  cell phone tracking app. 

mSpy Basic will support only pure SMS monitoring while mSpy Premium adds support for messaging apps such as Snapchat, WhatsApp and Viber.

Highster Mobile product box

3 Highster Mobile - 7/10

Highster Mobile is the SMS tracker with the simplest pricing on the market. There are no different versions and no different licenses. You pay once (69.99) and use it as much as you want - no monthly fees involved. 

Highster Mobile SMS Tracker throws into the mix Instagram support and it can also monitor WhatsApp and iMessages, as well as other messengers.

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You probably want to know the basic pricing options for the top SMS trackers. Here are their current prices, as of December 2014.

Highster Mobile


Tracks 5 Messaging apps

Limited Support

  • GPS Locations
  • Call Log
  • 24/7 Support
  • Call recording

69.99 / one-time fee

No credit card required.



Tracks 13 Messaging apps

Excellent Support

  • GPS Locations
  • Call Log
  • Call recording
  • Call interception

99 / for 3 months

No credit card required.



Tracks 8 Messaging apps

Good Support

  • GPS Locations
  • Call Log
  • Call recording
  • Call interception

119.99 / for 3 months

No credit card required.

Besides testing the apps ourselves, we've decided to check out the feedback in the forums. Here's what we've found:

I work long hours in the office, so I used to worry about my son a lot. He was hanging out with some questionable friends, and I wanted make sure they were not getting involved in dangerous things. A neighbor had told me about this FlexiSPY SMS tracker, and since then I've been worry-free and able to perform better at work. I know where exactly my son hang out, and I can make sure he is not discussing illegal activities with his friends. It helped make my family feel peaceful.

Tanya Johnson 

All it takes to start using an SMS tracker is quickly jailbreaking your iPhone or rooting your Android phone - depends what model of Android you have. If your iPhone is already jailbroken, even better! You can skip this step.

After the jailbreak/root, you sideload the SMS tracker app into the phone and activate it. The SMS tracker vendor will send you an email with detailed instructions, so it's typically an easy procedure. Once activated, you can login to your personal portal and see all the information from the phone. Depends on the SMS tracker of your choice, you will see call logs, SMS messages, a map with GPS locations of the phone and chat logs.

This information is simply priceless when you want to keep your family safe. For about $2 a day you can make sure that there are no threats against your children online. ​

We've published an in-depth review of FlexiSPY Premium cell phone spy and SMS tracker. You can also access FlexiSPY demo.

Now that you learned more information about the top SMS trackers, you're ready to make the best choice for you!


SMS tracker app will give your knowledge about what's going on with your loved ones when they're online. There is no price you can put on making them safer and better protected. Choose the best software for tracking SMS and text messages.

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