Read Next Fly Box

We at Plulz are proud to announce our new plugin, its the Read Next Fly Box and can already be found working on our site. The objective of this plugin is to increase the time a user spends on the site by lowering bounce rate and increasing page/views and time on site.

This plugin randomly chooses 2 posts from the database and show to the user after he scrools the page at a certain point.

The box with the choosen posts will pop up from the bottom of the page in a small box.

It is highly customizable, and the administrator of the site can choose the threshold when the box should appear, the width of the box, the color of the link.

There’s also some planning for the next releases, like choosing specific categories and tags to be shown.

All feedback is really apreciate! You can download it in the link bellow.



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Karsten Matthijs Hartog
30 de maio de 2012 16:52

LOLOL, a plugin to make people pretty much waste more time on your site to increase add revenue xD.

Karsten Matthijs Hartog
30 de maio de 2012 16:54

LOLOL, a plugin to make people pretty much waste more time on your site to increase ad revenue xD.

Dan Curran
20 de novembro de 2012 20:54

Yeah, important to those of us trying to make a living as opposed to wasting time on whatever fashionable activism is currently hip.

Karsten Matthijs Hartog
21 de novembro de 2012 13:44


22 de junho de 2012 13:30

Hey guys,

This is a great plugin! I’ve already installed in my website.
I’ve aligned it to the left side and “pushed up” a little bit in order to fit with my theme.

I have one question.
Currently it appears only in the single posts pages. I would like to add it also to the general blog page (index.php). But I don’t see where I can add that option (modifying manually the code).

Is it possible?

Thanks in advance!

Froilan Samonte
19 de julho de 2012 13:48

How to integrate it in WordPress? Can I install using add new plugin in WordPress dashboard?

Phil Shaw
19 de agosto de 2012 12:40

Is there anyway I can make it also show custom post types, currently it only shows regular posts? Thanks,

Vishwas Gautam
17 de setembro de 2012 12:41

when I scroll down its not quite smooth I mean it just jumps back to the topplz help how to make its interface smooth.

Matheus Moraes
8 de outubro de 2012 19:33


Alicia Taylor
22 de outubro de 2012 21:51

Changing the scroll threshold is not working – and my flavor text where "Read Next" is is also not showing up.

Alicia Taylor
23 de outubro de 2012 15:57

I'd also like to add that it pulls the same two posts every time. Is there anyway to make it choose different posts? More randomness would be greatly appreciated.

Imran Ahmed Hunzai
8 de dezembro de 2012 20:39

Being using a few plugins so far. Working good :)

Carlos Castro
8 de janeiro de 2013 23:36

Nice! Thank you.

30 de janeiro de 2013 18:22

Does it always show a photo-camera, or will it display a picture that is related to the article?

Fábio Zaffani
20 de fevereiro de 2013 12:20

It is supposed to show the picture associated with the post, when it have none, shows the camera instead