How to create a Facebook APP

I have been asked a lot this question lately, mostly because of my really successfull plugin SEO Facebook Comments.

To make the plugin work you need to correctly create a Facebook App and configure all of the needed information in the plugin that you get from the Facebook App.

So here´s how to do it, it´s really easy and straightfoward, especially since the last Facebook Developers redesign:

First, go to the page

It will ask you to login (if you´re not already). Once looged in you´re going to be taken to the following page.

As you can see, In the right top corner of your page you´re going to see a button called + Create New App, just click on it

Insert a nice name for your APP and you can leave the APP NAMESPACE field blank, just agree and then click in CONTINUE. Correctly type the Captcha text ( a challenge sometimes, I know) and just click Continue.

We´re almost done! As you can see in the above picture we already have an App ID and App Secret for our app, now there is just one last thing to do. Click in Website  (attention! It’s not the app domain!) and type the full URL for your domain, taking this blog as an example I would type in the mentioned box.

Now that everything is set just SAVE IT, now go back to your SEO Facebook Comment Admin Page and insert the App ID, App Secret and your facebook e-mail and everything will work just fine ;)

Any doubts or problems feel free to leave a message in the comments bellow.


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England to Win FIFA World Cup 2014 - Brazil
15 de agosto de 2012 19:44

Test 123

Jacques Delorme
21 de agosto de 2012 22:47

Been using my site for months and FB won't accept it – error message.
You have specified an App Domains but have not specified a Site URL or a Mobile Web URL. must be derived from your Site URL or your Mobile Web URL.

Cynthia SocialCowgirl
25 de agosto de 2012 18:12

Great instructions to go along with the plugin!

Eri Bowo
28 de agosto de 2012 11:48

nice tutorial…

Debra Jean White
29 de agosto de 2012 18:16

Hi! Thank you soooooo much! My Facebook app shows up on every page but my blog. The same thing is happening with my Sharebar. Is there a separate setting to have it show up on certain pages? Here is the web site: Thanks in advance! Joy, DJ

Roman Nikitin
11 de setembro de 2012 13:39

I did everything you has written, comments appear on the site, but on my page in Facebook does not display these comments and the letter to the e-mail does not come, that we can not do that?

Terry Michelle
19 de setembro de 2012 2:26


Nenno Baba Lello
22 de setembro de 2012 10:02


Nenno Baba Lello
22 de setembro de 2012 10:04

test replay

Wakas Jamyl
28 de setembro de 2012 14:59


App Domains: should not contain protocol information.

don't know having this error upon adding website?

can someone help?

Shana-Francia Barnett
23 de outubro de 2012 23:20

I think you should leave the app domain blank and enter the url in the website field

Antonio Easter
6 de outubro de 2012 17:09

great post! After attempting this several times in late 2010… I gave up! Following YOUR instructions made it EASY! Thanks again and keep on rockin!

Matthew Williams
11 de outubro de 2012 9:36

Thanks this looks great… I've installed it, and it works on posts, but not on pages, is there a way to set it to work on selected pages? I've got a music website, and its workings on blog posts, which are news items, but not on pages – which is the way we post reviews and interviews.

Levan Ildani
14 de outubro de 2012 13:40

how to make wordpress comments fields invisible?

Ian Conza
25 de outubro de 2012 22:20

How do you get the comment box to appear. Configured everything correctly but no comment box appears on the page and hopefully it should appear below the post.

Linda Lou
10 de novembro de 2012 0:04

I have done everything absolutely correct according to instructions above & still app does not allow moderation at https:// I have posted in forum & now here if anyone can help with this ongoing issue I would be so very grateful ~ I also use yoast seo & have the settings in social set to show administrator "currently connected facebook admin" in the drop down choose the name of the app then click update facebook apps, facebook open graph is checked, nothing in frontpage settings, noting in default settings… seo comments settings = correct app id, app secret, admin id ~ add open graph tags is unchecked, post number set to 100 ~ auto approve unchecked…

Gabriel Fernandez
17 de novembro de 2012 1:18

Fatal error: Uncaught Exception: 1: An unknown error occurred thrown in…/wp-content/plugins/seo-facebook-comments/facebook/base_facebook.php on line 1045.

This only happens when the user is not logged into facebook!

Warrence Oo
21 de novembro de 2012 14:14

Thanks, this is really great.

Thorsten Körner
22 de novembro de 2012 19:42


Chuck Barnes
28 de novembro de 2012 0:37

I am having an issue with attempting to access My browser are telling me that the webpage has a redirect loop? AM I doing something wrong?

Frances Arnold
30 de novembro de 2012 6:14

I've gone through this several times, and FB always rejects my website. It's so frustrating. I'm not sure what to do.

Brett Kokinadis
20 de dezembro de 2012 14:55

Keeps saying that it's an invalid app id, though it appears correct.

Riyanto Justofeel
2 de janeiro de 2013 11:27

why with my error? please help

Fatal error: Uncaught CurlException: 60: SSL certificate problem, verify that the CA cert is OK. Details: error:14090086:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed thrown in /home/sanfisik/public_html/wp-content/plugins/seo-facebook-comments/facebook/base_facebook.php on line 825.

Peter Kihlman
11 de janeiro de 2013 2:53

Fabio, I absolutely love you! This tutorial was so fast and easy I can't actually believe it. It worked on the first go and took me like 3 minutes, could have gone faster but I was sooo unsure if I dared try it or not. It looks just brilliant and I am so happy about it :) Thank you, thank you!

Petros Samothrakis
20 de fevereiro de 2013 20:47

Thanks a lot..

Paraty Rio
25 de fevereiro de 2013 23:52

Fatal error: Uncaught Exception: 1: An unknown error occurred thrown in…/wp-content/plugins/seo-facebook-comments/facebook/base_facebook.php on line 825.

Jody Walker
2 de março de 2013 5:08

How do you get it to work on all pages, comment box only appears on one page?

Per Kinnander
8 de março de 2013 1:15

I have followed your instructions but the comment box doesn't appear on my site. I'm not sure about Admin ID, is this a number or is it my FB e-mail? You mention e-mail in your instructions… Does the app need to be approved by the FB team to get the plugin to work? I have submitted it for approval and waiting for a review. Any other thoughts? Any WP settings I need to check?

Herlon Ccb Mogi Mirim
15 de março de 2013 5:02


Tami Johnson Provost
4 de abril de 2013 14:17

Thank you for your assistance! Your work is appreciated! :)

The Chad Michaels Project
15 de abril de 2013 5:13

I have installed SEO Facebook, but I'm not following on how to get it on specific pages. After I've installed the plugin and created my fb app, how do I get the comments on my site? Any help that could be provided would be great.

John Smith
20 de abril de 2013 16:40

works great thanks!

Việt Số
28 de abril de 2013 10:15


Juan Aparicio
8 de maio de 2013 17:27


Kinsley Fresh
17 de maio de 2013 0:44

This is the link to my site which I'm using the plug-in
the problem that I'm having is that there's a yellow box under the facebook comment box and it says the "warning: Unreachable".
I've tried and tried and I can't remove it. HELP PLEASE!

Kinsley Fresh
17 de maio de 2013 0:46

I forgot to add that my comments work and everything function properly. I just hate that Yellow box that is underneath the comment. You can visit to see yourself

to make matters worst the comments just post and they are not in a box like it should be.

Kim Hald
19 de maio de 2013 11:19

Can you use the same application on multiple sites?

Rahil Abbas Rizvi
19 de maio de 2013 21:42

Moderate system is not working :( on my site.

13 de março de 2014 2:03

ooh just when i gave up i find it how to…

1.Access Token Tool
2. register if you haven’t yet (must give gsm number and get code)
3. follow the guide above