Two Ways to Spy on iOS 8.1.1

iOS 8.1.1 is the newest Apple update for their mobile OS. It has been released at the second half of November 2014, and many iPhones and iPads have already updated their OS to this newest version.

So what happens if you want to spy or monitor a cell phone that runs the newest iOS 8.1.1?
Luckily, there are two possible solutions already.

Spy on iOS 8.1.1 with FlexiSPY Premium or Extreme

FlexiSPY has announced support for iOS 8.1.1 on December 8. Both of their SMS tracker/mobile spy apps fully support iOS 8.1.1

FlexiSPY Premium allows you to spy on iOS 8.1.1 by intercepting emails, messages from multiple messaging applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and LINE. It will also reveal to you the call logs, browser history and GPS location history of the phone. It starts from $68 a month.

FlexiSPY Extreme will also let you record calls made by iPhones running iOS 8.1.1. It will also let you intercept calls. Yes, you can literally listen to the calls as they happen.

FlexiSPY Extreme is the most full-featured app that can spy on the newest iOS. It starts from $199 for a 3 months subscription.

Spy on iPad Running iOS 8.1.1 with FlexiSPY iPad Edition

FlexiSPY iPad edition

FlexiSPY can spy on this iPad even if it runs iOS 8.1.1

FlexiSPY also offer an iPAD spy app that supports iOS 8.1.1 . Similar to FlexiSPY Premium, the cell phone spy app, FlexiSPY iPad tracker will reveal all instant messages, emails, contacts, browser history and will even let you covertly activate the mic and listen to the iPads surroundings.

FlexiSPY iPad edition is definitely a unique product in the remote monitoring industry.

mSpy – No Jailbreak Required

mSpy remote monitoring solution

mSpy can now monitor iOS 8.1.1

Using FlexiSPY to spy on iOS 8.1.1 will reveal practically all the possible information to you. But there is one requirement – the iOS device will have to be jailbroken. Its not always feasible to jailbreak the device – for many reasons.

Thats where the new solution from mSpy shines!

With mSpy, all you need to do is feed their web portal the Apple ID and the password of the remotely monitored phone. With just this bit of information, mSpy will let you know the SMS messages, call logs, browser history, calendar events and the contact list of the targeted phone.

mSpy no jailbreak required SMS tracker works on iOS 8.1.1 devices.

FlexiSPY and mSpy are the two premier products for tracking and monitoring iOS 8.1.1 devices. FlexiSPY has more features – it lets you know the content of all chat messages and even records calls for you in the Extreme version – but requires jailbreak. mSpy has a bit more limited features but does not require jailbreak.

Both companies offer a full refund inside 10 days from a purchase.

Which one is it going to be?

mSpy Discount Coupon 2014 – December Sale

mSpy is one of the leaders of the remote monitoring industry. With more than 100,000 customers mSpy is one of the best-selling products for parental monitoring of cell phones and mobile devices.

It now offers discount coupon code 20% discount on all mSpy products.

mSpy has recently launched a groundbreaking no-jailbreak required solution for iOS devices. It only requires the Apple ID and password for the monitored phone or tablet. mSpy web portal will use this information to deliver SMS messages, call logs, browser history and GPS location history from the monitored phone. It’s the best solution for SMS tracking and cell phone monitoring when jailbreaking the phone is not feasible.

If you don’t want to void the warranty, or don’t want to jailbreak the phone for other reasons – mSpy is the perfect solution for tracking a phone.

mSpy Discount Coupon 2014

And the best thing?

mSpy offers 20% discount on all their phone & computer monitoring software until the end of the year. Prepare your peace of mind for the forthcoming year!

Use coupon code WHC20OFF to get 20% discount on mSpy Basic and Premium subscriptions.

Use discount couponWHC20OFF to install mSpy starting from just $31 for a whole month of usage. With this discount you can protect your kid’s smartphone for just a dollar a day – a tiny price to pay for your peace of mind.

mSpy offers a 10 days money back guarantee, so you can try their software absolutely risk free.

Try mSpy Now! Risk-Free

10 Ways They Spy On Your Mobile

In a world where we increasingly rely on permanently connected mobile devices, we should be aware of the ways our private information is vulnerable to thieves and snoops. There are various reasons to spy on mobile: criminals steal credit cards details, businessmen want to know the secrets of their competition and some people like to control their personal relationships.

This article will explain 10 ways, some common and some not, in which criminals or enemies might steal and spy on your secrets via your mobile.

We will suggest techniques to protect yourself from common forms of online spying, so that you can actually feel safer and more secure with your mobile devices and computers.

1. Open Public Wi-Fi

free public wi-fi in a coffeeshop

free wi-fi?

You come to a coffeeshop, get a cup of coffee, sit down and connect your phone to the public wi-fi. Little do you know that a guy sitting at the next table is intercepting your web traffic. Scary? Yes! Possible? Very easily.

A network sniffer such as Wireshark can easily intercept all communications on an unprotected wi-fi network. Even when the coffeeshop wi-fi is secured with a WEP or a WPA/WPA2 password, the intercepted communications can be deciphered.

What if you only use your secure home wi-fi? Many old routers still use WEP encryption which is notoriously easy to break. An attacker in the apartment next door can discover your WEP password as a matter of minutes. They can also try to guess your password if the network encryption is strong.

How to protect yourself:

  • Make sure you use HTTPS protocol when entering any password or sensitive information on a public wi-fi.
  • Only use WPA2 encryption on your home router and pick a secure, hard to guess password. Never keep the default password that came with your router.

2. Cell phone spy apps that spy on your mobile

cellphone spy app

cellphone spy app

Modern cell phone spy apps, such as FlexiSPY and mSpy, are consumer products that are very easy to install for a potential s. Once such a spy app runs on your phone, it reports back everything – starting from your e-mails and chats in practically any messaging application (WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.) and ending with recording your calls and intercepting your calls as they happen.

We have reviewed several cell phone spy apps and published an in-depth FlexiSPY Premium review. The capabilities that we saw in FlexiSPY are simply incredible for a consumer product – you’d think that only a government agency would have access to such a powerful SMS tracker and phone spy. Of course, using such an app for spying on an individual is illegal in most jurisdictions, but it’s not going to console you if your personal data would be stolen.

How to protect yourself:

  • Keep your phone locked and don’t tell your passcode to anyone. Don’t leave your phone unattended. Installing a mobile spy app will only take minutes and once it runs on your phone, it’s very difficult to detect.
  • If you suspect anything – backup all your data and restore the phone to factory settings.

3. Rogue cell towers

Now, let’s say that you’re not using any public wi-fi for accessing your bank account. You only use 3G. 100% secure? Not exactly.

Rogue cell towers map

Rogue cell towers US map

In August 2014, GSMK – a German firm developing ultra-secure phones for the corporate market – reported that its phones had identified multiple rogue cell towers in various locations across in the US. It’s not clear who operates the rogue cell towers, but it’s clear that this technology is available to criminal gangs.

In December 2014, a Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten reported that fake mobile base stations have been detected around the Norwegian parliament in Oslo – probably stationed there to spy on politicians.

A rogue cell tower can be both fixed and portable(can be operated from a van). It operates as a GSM interceptor by emitting a stronger signal than the legitimate cell towers, and thus making phones in its vicinity to connect to it. Once the nearby phones have been tricked into connecting to a fake cell tower, it acts as a “man in the middle” – a proxy that transmits all communication back and forth to a legitimate cell towers, but grabs all the juicy parts – passwords, bank accounts and secret information.

How to protect yourself:

Difficult to defend against a rogue cell tower other than to buy a $3000 Cryptophone.

4. Rogue Mobile Network Employee

In 2005, Vodafone Greece discovered that more than 100 mobile phones belonging to local politicians and civil servants have been tapped. The wiretap has been setup by exploiting Ericsson switches serving the Vodafone Greece network. The perpetrators have never been found, though a high-level manager in Vodafone Greece has committed a mysterious suicide shortly after the scandal had broke.

This case demonstrates that it doesn’t take a powerful government to spy on your mobile phone. A rogue employee of your mobile network operator can snoop on your calls and data. It is not easy to do, since cellular companies log all such activity of their employees, but still possible. Some employees will always know their way in the system inside out and will be open to offers that “they can’t refuse”.

5. Malware


it’s lurking…

Different reports have found that 30% to 50% of all computers in the world are infected with some kind of malware. Most modern malware sits quietly on the infected computer, collects passwords and credit card numbers and sends them discreetly “home” – to the criminal gangs. Criminals use the stolen credentials to commit financial fraud and to hack email, social media and bank accounts.

Malware is also very common on Android phones, where it can disguise itself as a legit application downloadable from the Google Play store. For each malicious app that Google removes from the store, a couple of new ones take its place. These days users are used to apps asking for seemingly unrelated permissions. So, let’s say, a game, can ask during its installation for a permission to access the file system, the contact list and SMS messages. This fake “game” will send your text messages to a server where the malware owner will be able to access it.

How to protect yourself:

  • Always update your operating system on your computer. Don’t run any applications that you’re not familiar of.
  • If you’re an Android user, make sure that your apps only have the permissions that they need. For example, don’t install a game that needs access to your contact list.
  • Periodically scan all your devices with a good malware detector.

6. Weak passwords

Screenshot Dec 10 18.11.23

Probably the most common way to steal personal information is exploiting weak passwords. Hackers have ways to quickly try many common and short passwords (i.e. “brute-forcing”). If you use a simple password, which is a dictionary word, or it’s shorter than 8 symbols, your password is very easy to break for a determined individual.

Once the password has been hacked, an attacker can take over your e-mail, use your bank account or simply steal private data – like in the case of the Hollywood celebrities, whose private photos have been stolen from iCloud.

How to protect yourself:

  • Use a long password which isn’t a dictionary word. Use a combination of letters, digits and special symbols. Don’t make life easy for hackers.
  • Use a password manager that generates and remembers long passwords for you.

7. Bluetooth

bluebugging in action

definitely a bluebugger

Bluetooth networking is physically limited to only 10-15 meters, so it’s not a common threat. Still, an attacker can impersonate a bluetooth device that your phone is already paired with (such as a bluetooth headset). If they managed to pair with your phone, they can potentially intercept your calls. This technique is known as bluebugging.

Some companies even sell “bluetooth spy” software, though these products are a scam designed to quickly separate a naive spy from his money. We have published a tutorial on recognizing these spy app scam products.

How to protect yourself:

  • Don’t leave bluetooth on at all times.
  • Like in real life, be careful of who you pair with.

8. Server leaks and hacks

Sony pictures data leak

Sony pictures got hacked

Even if you’re very careful with securing your computer and phone, your data still lives somewhere in the cloud. Where it can be hacked. News are full of stories about hackers stealing millions of email passwords from here and thousands of social security accounts from there.

100% security for servers that support the cloud is never possible, because there many people whose livelihood depends on finding holes and backdoors. Strong IT companies, such as Google or Apple, don’t have a history of leaking sensitive data, but other companies with less resources are vulnerable.

How to protect yourself:

Basically, you cannot. The only consolation is that if your credit card or bank account details are stolen and it’s the financial company’s fault, you get immediately compensated.

9. Social Engineering

social engineering for hacking

Social engineer is a hacker who asks for your password nicely

“Hi, I’m Ross from Gmail support. We have a maintenance planned for tomorrow and you should change your password by clicking on _this_ link”.

That’s a hacker trying to socially engineer you to click on a phishing site and enter your password so that they can steal it. Spam emails such as the one quoted above are crude attempts, but hackers skillful in social engineering can be very persuasive. They can use the right words, their “From” e-mail address will look legit, and they will give you a myriad reasons for giving them the password to your website or similar.

How to protect yourself:

Don’t trust them.

10. Rogue cellular phone

 spyware phone

They pulled this one… but what about the others?

Some lesser known cellphone brands come with preloaded spyware that steals your data. Even a big, established brand like Xiaomi has been accused of this behavior.

We believe that, unless you have plans to topple the Chinese government, you’re safe with Xiaomi. The problem is with the cheapest phones and tablets, and also with copycat cellphones. Don’t trust a fake Samsung phone with your sensitive data. The people who make money from ripping off Samsung will probably steal your data too.

How to protect yourself:

  • Don’t use no-name phones and tablets. If you do, don’t enter any passwords or sensitive information into them.

Don’t let them spy on your mobile!

We hope that you’re now more conscious of the different ways your mobile data could be stolen and spied on. Like anything in life, it cannot be prevented with 100% certainty. But simple measures will make your mobile more secure and your online life less vulnerable to snooping.

Feature image “Base!” is copyrighted by Instant Vantage and is available under a Creative Commons license.

How To Recognize a Cell Phone Spy Scam

It is easy to make extraordinary claims about cell phone spyware. Some dishonest companies present completely false information about their mobile spy apps in order to make a quick buck. Customers are easily misled by claims that they cannot verify themselves.

In this tutorial, we will reveal some common cell phone spy scams. After reading it, you will be able to make an informed choice when it comes to purchasing a mobile spy app. Even if you don’t need one, you will be able to help your friends or relatives with choosing a spy software product that could protect their families.

7 Signs Of A Mobile Spy Scam

  1. Vendor promises that you can install their mobile spy app remotely

    cell phone spy scam

    Don’t need physical access? Scam!

    Well, we have bad news. Installing a real cell phone spy requires sideloading an app to an iPhone or to an Android phone. There is no way technically to sideload an app remotely. And it’s a good thing. Think about what would happen if anyone could sideload apps to your phone. How many ads and viruses would appear? Thanks to iOS and Android developers installing apps remotely is not possible.

    You always need an access to the phone to install a spy app.

  2. “No jailbreak needed”

    cell phone spy scam

    no jailbreak required? scam!

    The truth is that an iPhone without jailbreak can only execute apps downloaded from the App Store. A jailbreak is essential if you need to sideload an app which is not present on the App Store. Naturally, real mobile spy apps are not allowed into the App Store because they use all kinds of technical trickery that Apple doesn’t approve of.

    Normal App Store apps are not allowed to run in invisibly in full stealth mode. They’re also not allowed to access WhatsApp chats and Facebook messages. That’s why the only choice for a legitimate cell phone spy app developer is to make the mobile spy app for a jailbroken iPhone.

    There’s one exception to this rule. mSpy have released a no-jailbreak solution for monitoring iPhones. How did they achieve that? They simply don’t sideload an app into the target phone, but use the Apple ID and password of the target to retrieve information such as text messages and MMS, call history, browser history and contact list.

    You can learn more about this solution on their website.

  3. “We support this totally brand new OS”

    cell phone spy scam

    nexus 6 spy? scam!

    When new operating systems, such as iOS 8 and Android 5.0 Lollipop are released, real cell phone spy app developers immediately start to update their mobile spy apps to work with the new OS. It’s much easier for the scammers, though. All they have to do is write a new sales page on their scammy website and they can call it a day.

    It always take at least a few weeks for a new OS to be supported by real mobile spy apps. Avoid those who claim that they can work with new OS immediately.

  4. Their website looks dodgy and generic

    cell phone spy scam

    “top classified surveillance missions”? scam!

    Mobile spy companies that employ multiple developers are capable of creating a clear and good-looking website. A lone scammer, though, will usually use a simple template or just copy another scam website in a search for a quick buck.

    “As seen on CNN”, “Used by more than one million customers”, “Developed for classified operations”, “Obama will take this software off the market” – Scam peddlers use the most dodgy sales techniques to persuade people to buy software that wouldn’t work.

  5. The sales page is just full of it

    cell phone spy scam

    “remote SMS spy system?” scam!

    Remote installation… no jailbreak required… These claims at least sound believable if you don’t know better. But what can you say about people who offer a “remote SMS Spy system” that can spy on all SMS messages from any country, simply based on a phone number.

  6. No support visible on the website

    There are many models of mobile phones with different OS and apps installed. Some customers will always need technical support, and real mobile spy developers provide it, in the form of live support on their website, support forums or at least troubleshooting guides posted on the site.

    Scam websites are easy to recognize since they have no such thing as a customer support. Once a customer has purchased something from them, he would have nobody to talk to or ask for a support from.

  7. No free trial or money-back guarantee

    Cell phone spy scammers never offer a free trial or a money back guarantee. Why would they? They don’t have anything that works. In contrast, all real mobile spy app developers always offer a free trial or a full money-back guarantee. They know that their products work and unhappy customers will be extremely few.

How To Find The Best Cell Phone Spy

The best cell phone spy apps are naturally don’t show any signs of a scam that we’ve listed.
They tell the truth about the mobile spy installation process (“you need access to the phone”), tell the truth about the jailbreak which is needed (at least for most features), offer a free trial and/or a full money-back guarantee. They provide full information about compatible phones, don’t make any unrealistic claims and provide technical support in the shape of a live chat or support forums.

We’ve created a shortlist of our recommended cell phone spy apps and SMS trackers.

Highster Mobile is our recommended budget cellphone spy app.

mSpy is recommended for their innovative no-jailbreak monitoring solution for the iPhone.

We have found FlexiSPY to be the most complete and well-supported cell phone spy app.
Read our full review of FlexiSPY Premium.

FlexiSPY Premium Review

FlexiSPY Premium is one of the most interesting products in the remote monitoring/phone spy/SMS tracker industry. We’ve been getting a lot of emails from people who tried to use cheap SMS trackers that didn’t work, so we’ve decided to create an in-depth FlexiSPY review – to analyze arguably the top spying app available.

FlexiSPY is offered in two version: Premium and Extreme. This review covers only FlexiSPY Premium features.

We use screenshots of the FlexiSPY Premium software that we own and help our customers to install, and we use the latest version as of December 2014.

A FlexiSPY demo has been made available. You can acquaint yourself with the whole look and feel of the FlexiSPY web portal, and find out the type of information that FlexiSPY is capable of revealing.

Cell Phone Spy Apps – Some Information

How to spy on a phone? How to track an SMS? How to spy on WhatsApp messages? If you type these questions into google, there will be lots and lots of different websites offering products or reviews.

That’s why it’s important to know a few things about the remote monitoring industry.

FlexiSPY review from 2006

FlexiSPY mentioned in 2006

FlexiSPY has been the first company to release a phone spy app, back in 2005. It’s even created a small controversy, when antivirus software developers branded FlexiSPY a “virus” – though, of course, it’s not because it is installed intentionally by the device owner.

Other software developers entered the phone spy apps market as soon as smartphones had started to gain popularity. Various SMS trackers like Highster Mobile, mSpy and others have started to compete with FlexiSPY. Besides the mentioned legit apps, many totally fake and dysfunctional SMS trackers have appeared and are still being marketed. They are easy to recognize by angry reviews left by frustrated customers.

When looking for a reliable phone spy and SMS tracker, it’s important to make sure that the product has been on the market for a while and that its been mentioned by major technology websites and media. FlexiSPY meets these requirements.

Stealth Genie convicted


Very recently, the developer of a phone spy software called “Stealth Genie” has been convicted in the US for advertising and selling “spyware”. As a result, many phone spy app developers felt the need to remove features like call recording from their apps, or even make their apps run in a very visible mode (i.e. display a notification in a status bar) – a questionable choice for a “spy app”.

FlexiSPY so far hasn’t changed their features and it remains a full-featured spy phone app that runs invisibly in full stealth mode.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of FlexiSPY Premium.

Compatibility – What Phones Does FlexiSPY Work On?

As of December 2014, FlexiSPY Premium is fully compatible with the following operating systems:

  • iOS 6 up to version 8.1 on iPhones and iPads.
  • Android 2.3 up to 4.4.2 – most features will also work on other Android versions as well.
  • Blackberry version 5.0 to 7.1

To use FlexiSPY Premium on an iOS device (iPhone/iPad), the device must be jailbroken. Otherwise, sideloading the app into the device will not be possible.

Android devices should be rooted in order to use the advanced features of FlexiSPY Premium, such as tracking WhatsApp (and other IM apps) messages. and emails. You _can_ install FlexiSPY Premium on an unrooted Android phone to monitor other information: GPS locations, track SMS messages, view contact list and call logs.

FlexiSPY provides very detailed jailbreaking and rooting guides on their website and their customer support also helps to make the installation process smooth.

FlexiSPY Premium – What Are the Features?

FlexiSPY Premium is quite packed with SMS tracker and phone spying features.

FlexiSPY Basic Features

  • monitoring call logs – the software will show you the full history of both incoming and outgoing calls
  • contact list spy – user sees the full contact list on the target phone
  • SMS tracker – FlexiSPY monitors all inbound and outbound SMS messages
  • GPS locations – all target phone’s locations are displayed neatly on a map, in a way that lets you track the phone’s movement
  • multimedia tracking – FlexiSPY delivers all photos, videos and sounds recordings taken by the phone to your private user cabinet
  • monitoring calendar and notes – all calendar appointments and notes are delivered by FlexiSPY
  • browser history and bookmarks – FlexiSPY makes available the full browser history and all the bookmarks on the target phone.
  • installed programs – View the list of all the applications installed on the phone

FlexiSPY Premium can spy on WhatsApp messages

Advanced Features – What Makes FlexiSPY Special?

  • Spying on WhatsApp messages – all WhatsApp chats are tracked by FlexiSPY Premium and are delivered to the online cabinet. A killer feature.
  • Spy on Facebook – FlexiSPY is also capable of monitoring all Facebook and Facebook Messenger chats.
  • Spy on LINE – all chats are monitored including the emojis.
  • Track Snapchat – FlexiSPY lets you view all Snapchat photos and messages
  • Tracking other texting and chat applications – FlexiSPY also monitors Skype, Viber, iMessages (on iOS), BBM (on BlackBerry) , Google Hangouts, Snapchat and WeChat.
  • Complete Stealth – FlexiSPY can be configured to run absolutely invisibly on the target phone. It isn’t listed as an installed applications, doesn’t show up in the Task Manager(magic!) and doesn’t give itself away by draining the battery. It also hides the Cydia (jailbreak app)icon on iPhones and the SU icon (rooting app) on Android. That way both FlexiSPY Premium itself and the jailbreak/rooting are completely hidden.
    Even if an antivirus or spyware detection software run on the target phone, they’re not capable of detecting FlexiSPY Premium once it’s installed.

How Easy Is It To Use FlexiSPY Premium?

Installation and activation of FlexiSPY Premium is a straightforward process.

After you purchase a license, you receive an email with your username and password.

With these credentials you login to the customer portal and it automatically fires up an installation wizard that guides you step by step.

FlexiSPY installation wizard

FlexiSPY installation wizard

Eventually you enter the activation mode on your phone and FlexiSPY Premium starts running.

FlexiSPY activation process

FlexiSPY installation wizard – the activation step

The whole process should take about 10 minutes.

FlexiSPY Web Portal

After you’ve installed and activated FlexiSPY Premium on the phone, you’re ready to use all FlexiSPY Premium’s features to spy on the cell phone.

When you login to the web portal, FlexiSPY displays all the new information on your dashboard.

FlexiSPY instant messaging dashboard

FlexiSPY Premium lets you see all chats and messages from the most popular apps

You get all the new text messages, call logs, GPS locations and photos. Each category is displayed neatly in a separate tab.

FlexiSPY Premium control center

FlexiSPY Premium control center

In your user portal you also have the option to remotely update the software whenever new FlexiSPY makes a new release. They notify the user as soon as an update is ready. Remote updates are performed discreetly so that there is no notifications on the target phone.

How Is FlexiSPY Premium Supported?

FlexiSPY technical support

FlexiSPY has Premium tech support

FlexiSPY Premium comes with quality support. Customers can either chat to a support representative live on the website, or open a ticket which will be quickly responded to. FlexiSPY also engages with customers via their blog, where questions are also asked and replied to.

One of the best things about FlexiSPY is that it comes with no questions asked 10 days money back guarantee. There is no fine print that prevents customers from getting a refund if they’re not satisfied for any reason. Since FlexiSPY has been selling the phone spy software for almost 10 years, their business model is repeat customers – so the support and service are top-notch.

How Much Does FlexiSPY Premium Cost?

As of December 2014, FlexiSPY Premium offers 1 month, 3 months and 1 year licenses. All of them come with full 10 days money back guarantee – so no financial risk is involved in trying out the software.

FlexiSPY Premium - Pricing & Plans

FlexiSPY Premium - Pricing & Plans

FlexiSPY Premium - Pricing & Plans

FlexiSPY is competitively priced compared to similar remote monitoring apps, such as mSpy Premium, which is priced slightly more expensively while offering more or less the same features.

Is FlexiSPY Premium Worth The Price?

FlexiSPY is a full featured cell phone spy app and SMS tracker. Its implementation of full stealth mode is technologically outstanding – this app is completely undetectable.

It is now priced competitively and with the 10 days money back guarantee there is no risk involved in trying the software. The only question you have to ask yourself is whether all these spying features can be useful to you for protecting your children or your company’s property.

Please remember, that the usage of a phone spy app can be illegal if done on a phone that is not owned by you. We only endorse legal usage of such powerful software.

How To Create A Facebook App

Looking to create your first Facebook app?

There are a few good tutorials that we recommend.

First, the official Facebook app development page:

Another good tutorial explains how to make a Facebook app for your site.

If you like a more detailed tutorial, we recommend a Facebook app development book:
Facebook Application Development For Dummies

Since Facebook’s API changes very frequently, make sure these tutorials and books are updated.

How To Get My Facebook User ID

To find your facebook ID, simply go to Facebook’s Graph API page .

   "id": "4",
   "first_name": "Mark",
   "gender": "male",
   "last_name": "Zuckerberg",
   "link": "",
   "locale": "en_US",
   "name": "Mark Zuckerberg",
   "username": "zuck"

Wait, you’re not Mark Zuckerberg and your Facebook user ID is probably a bigger number than 4, right?

Edit the URL in your browser so it looks like

For example, if your username is johnny.5, edit the URL to be .

Go to the new URL and see your URL in the “id” row of the returned JSON object.

What if you don’t have a Facebook user ID?

In this case, just go to your profile page and you will see your ID in the URL.

Five Companies Without Bosses

Flat Organization

A new “flat organization” trend is being adopted by more and more companies, predominantly in IT. This new delayered structure removes the majority or even all of the middle management. The flat organization only has staff and top executives. The staff manages itself so that it’s much more involved in decision-making.

The idea is to make the organization much more agile, mobile and responsive to feedback. There are no longer pointy-haired boss playing corporate politics. Middle management roles, e.g. supervising, are distributed between the members of the team.

What companies have already adopted this organization structure?

1. Valve

Valve office

Valve offices

Valve, the famous video games developer US company, is probably the biggest name in the flat organization trend. Valve employees are free to choose what they work on and they even form and dissolve temporary teams based on product needs.

Such is the mobility of Valve employees, that they are issued mobile desks fitted with wheels. An employee can move his desk around the office when the time comes to join a new team. Valve’s company handbook, leaked to the net in 2012, even features desk moving instructions.

Valve manages to release quality products, like their renowned Portal and Half-Life games, and Steam online store, without a traditional management process. Experts attribute this to the high quality of employees and the system where workers decide each other’s pay based on skills and performance.

2. Github

github logo

social coding platform is developed by social coding

Github is a San Francisco-based source code hosting service with fantastic collaboration features. This start-up has originally adopted flat organization structure, where “everyone is a manager”. Employees choose to work on projects that interest them on an open allocation basis.
Since Github is a provider of a software collaboration platform, it’s only natural for the company to work on an open collaboration basis.

After a harassment scandal in 2014, Github introduced middle level management.

3. Gore

gore-tex logo

keeps you dry and without a boss

Gore, a US based hi-tech materials company, famous for the Gore-tex fabric, is a 8500 employees juggernaut without an organizational chart. The company is structured into business units, but there is no hierarchy and no bosses.
Bill Gore, the founder, believed that peer pressure and desire to create great products would hold the company together better than traditional hierarchical management.

So far he has been proven absolutely right.

4. Zappos

zappos cubicles

Zappos is probably the biggest online shoes retailer. It was acquired by Amazon in 2009 for $940 million.

Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos, emphasizes how Zappos’ organizational structure is a Holacracy, a term derived from the Greek “holon” – a whole that’s part of a greater whole. The company is made up of different circles and employees can belong to multiple circles, possibly having different roles in each. There are no job titles or managers and it allows greater, even radical, transparency and better adaptability.

The holacracy structure is supposed to correspond better to the actual cloud of interconnections than the traditional org chart with its linear structure.

5. Balsamiq

balsamiq logo

No need for bosses to make a fantastic UI tool

Balsamiq is a California based maker of wireframing (UI design) tools. According to their jobs page,

“we don’t have managers and standard job titles – there are limited career paths here… you will have a lot of choice about what to work on”.

Employees can start their own projects and project roles are assigned according to relevant skill-sets.

This flat organization helped the company create the most popular wireframing tool, Balsamiq Mockups.

Is Flat Management Here To Stay?

Flat organization is an interesting trend for a generation that doesn’t immediately respect authority or hierarchy, but only merit. It can help decrease bureaucracy and pointless paper pushing, but it can also introduce some confusion to large organizations as described by this Dilbert cartoon.

It remains to be seen, if flat, hierarchy-lacking organizational structure can prevail in the corporate world. Or rather, how much of its substance can flat management preserve as it gets adopted by more and more companies. Corporations are notorious for adopting trendy buzzwords without changing their core processes.

But there is no doubt, that generation change will also bring us a change in management and organization methods, of which flat management is one example.