Best WordPress Hosting

WordPress is a CMS that isn’t really much demanding when talking about server resources, but definitely requires some attentions on that part. That line, however, have been changing lately, mostly after the release of the 3.0 version. The system started to consume more and more resources from the servers so a good hosting is a must nowadays, especially for bigger sites. Bellow there are some explanations and a list of good hosting sites for your WordPress custom installation.

For starting your blog, or if your blog have a small number of access, any simple shared hosting would do the job, the only problem is after you site start reaching something like 1000+ access daily. Thats when things can get nasty.

You could say, “it’s all about start using cache”. You would be right if everybody though that way, but most of the time the problem with the shared hosts isn’t with your site, it’s someone else site that could be wreaking havoc in the server, and you site goes down because of this (that was what happened most of the time with me). So , when I talk about that 1000+ access daily, im also talking about the trust of a site.

When your blog start’s to grow the least thing you want is it going offline, any downtime of your site represents less access, which in return turns to a smaller grow and less money (less advertisers shown, etc). Also, you problem would do worst in the SERPs (site ranking in search).

One of the solutions I found was, changing to a cloud host, actually i’m using Rackspace. Ok, the most basic version is around U$ 160,00 , which is very expensive and 1000 access daily won’t even start to use 10% of all the computer capacity you have at your disposal. That’s why we here at plulz, are thinking about starting to offer a hosting solution with a nice price and a nice server configuration.

If you have the money to spend, I would recommend you to go with Rackspace, another option for a shorter pocket or a new site and that is also a great hosting is the Dreamhost, currently they have a “WordPress Optimized Web Hosting” that is pretty cheap and can do just fine, but, like I said before, don’t expect a great hosting for less than U$ 50,00 and if your site starts to go big, you should invest accordingly in it’s host capabilities.


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Ciclismo E Cicloativismo
23 de fevereiro de 2012 13:47

You could also keep in mind the facilities that the host company offers to you, like phone / web support, proximity from you, and physical support (personal) if you need…

Ed Koon
27 de fevereiro de 2012 23:37

I have had good luck with Host Gator so far. Of 2 shared hosting accounts, one rocks and the other is just OK. I think that is the drawback of ordering shared hosting online, you never know what server you will land on. Be sure to order service from a host with a minimum 30 day money back guarantee. If your not satisfied you can cancel and get a full refund.

Thinking of leasing a dedicated server. Will check out Rackspace, thanks for the tip.

Rex Wickham
6 de março de 2012 21:02

If you are looking for a UK host, check

Fabio Rocha
17 de abril de 2012 17:54

Hostgator in Brazil sucks. Not even a free phone number they have if your site goes offline…

Froilan Samonte
19 de julho de 2012 13:52

I used Dreamhost to host my websites. It sounds great with the control panel.It’s user-friendly.

16 de agosto de 2012 14:29

weell, for hosting wordpress, until now I still use a local hosting in Indonesia, although local but good quality :D. just my opinion my bro:D

Elko Biz
21 de janeiro de 2013 23:43

I get unlimited hosting for my Word Press Blog… I never have to worry about running out of bandwidth!

Kris Whitaker
21 de janeiro de 2013 23:43


Ed Koon
22 de janeiro de 2013 0:49

Unlimited bandwidth is common these days. But what's most important is how many processes you can run at the same time, and how much load you can put on a shared server. It all depends on your servers cpu and memory, and how many users are sharing the server.